Computer Clock Tablet

Microsoft Windows with "Hey, Cortana" voice commands.

Get Cortana to listen by pressing WINDOWS + C and bring up dictation with WINDOWS + H

Hey, Cortana. Weather, Celsius.

Hey, Cortana. Number of kilometers in a mile.

Lenovo Smart Clock with "Hey, Google" voice commands.


NOTE: Only one version of the clock is touch screen.

"Hey, Google. Is the store open?"

"Hey, Google. What's on my shopping list?"

"Hey, Google. What's the temperature?"

"Hey, Google. Is it raining?"

"Hey, Google. What is 456 divided by 8?"

"Hey, Google. Tell me the news."

"Hey, Google. News."

"Hey, Google. Pause the news."

"Hey, Google. Resume the news."

"Hey, Google. Tell me an animal fact."

"Hey, Google. Tell me a fun fact."

"Hey, Google. Tell me a joke."

"Hey, Google. How are you?"

"Hey, Google. Volume 5."

"Hey, Google. Tell me about history on this day."

"Hey, Google. Define happy."

Apple iPad with "Hey, Siri" voice commands.

Hey, Siri. FaceTime my brother.