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Site search

Text search a site for Web, Video, or Image results using Internet Search. The engines look for a match in file name and whatever else they use.

Add a new website to site search by clicking the black site search button.

Once you type in the domain, click add, and then get back to search by clicking the red X button.

Turn on site search by clicking the box to green.

After that press Enter or click the magnifying glass to execute your search.


Data retention

This website saves (browser local storage) the sites entered into site search, as well as selection settings on every visit to the page for the first time, or else it will extend the cookie for another 365 days.

This website does not save any other data.

Web service privacy

Search engine privacy

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Browser search plugin


The Internet Search browser plugin can be installed using a browser. After that use switches to utilize all of the engines. Site search is not available.


Use the switches to use different engines. For example, to look up a word in the dictionary, use "d hello."